Well-Kept Gems or Rusty Rides...

We Buy Them.

Oh, the Stories We Could Tell

Okay, that isn't exactly correct. Truth be told, our story is a bit of a snoozer. When we were asked to provide some bio information on this website, we had high hopes of coming up with something amazing and awe-inspiring. What we came up with is the truth, but not entirely entertaining.

The reality is this; we all had experienced the feeling of disappointment when it came to selling our own cars and trucks.We knew it was a bitter pill to swallow for most everyone we knew and were eager to make it better for everyone involved. To be honest, we couldn't figure out what was so darn difficult. If you don't believe us, try taking your used car to a typical dealership car lot and see what kind of shenanigans ensues.

Better yet, try and visit about four or five dealerships and you will find out quickly that you will get five prices, none close to the other ones.Don't forget the squirrelly looking fellow from the new car department who has been eyeballing you and your spouse since you opened the door.I am sure he would love to have a few minutes of your time too.

So why did we launch a company that buys cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks? It's simple...we love serving our customers. We really care that you have a good experience with us. What we do isn't exactly on the complexity level of splitting atoms and we are quite proud of that fact. With Cash for Cars San Burbank, we promise to treat you how we would insist on being treated. In fact,

even better! Our self-esteem isn't that great after all. That is what makes us so special. That is what will make your experience with us unforgettable! Thank you for choosing us! We are deeply honored for the opportunity to serve you.

Our Past Customers. Our Biggest Cheerleaders.

I really want to thank you guys for an incredible selling experience. I truly can't stand having to navigate the car dealerships, haggling with a salesman who only see me as a dollar sign. Your entire team was nothing but professional and it felt more like dealing with friends than a company. I will never go back to selling a car myself again. Carissa M.

Short of being able to press a button and have my truck disappear and a pile of money shows up on my doorstep, this has got to be the easiest and most profitable way to sell a car...ever. My time is worth money, and you guys saved me a pile of it. I would never consider going back to the old way of doing this again. Thanks a bunch! Graham B.

Unbelievably quick, professional, and expedient. I was bracing myself for a long winded sales pitch or something but all I got was a super-friendly guy who helped me understand what my Jeep was worth and bought it from me on the spot. Given as the last time I sold my own truck I had to have my number changed, I would say that this is a huge step up from my previous experience. Thanks, everyone. You Rock! Katherine A.