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Selling Your Vehicle Can Be Complicated

If you have ever had to sell a car in the past, we are willing to bet that the process wasn't exact exemplary.

For some of us, the experience was downright unpleasant.

Root canal unpleasant. More than likely, you had to wash, wax, and detail your vehicle to ensure it looked its best. Then, you had to place a bunch of classified ads, answer a mountain of phone calls and late night texts. You also had to tell a bunch of people that you did not know where you lived so they could look at your car and tell you how it wasn't worth what you thought it was.

The end result for all of this time and grief? Likely it was a final sale price that was nowhere close to what you originally intended.

Sounds fun

Enter the Solution

Gone are the days of having to go through all of that. There is a better way.

We haven't exactly figured out cold fusion or won a Nobel Prize, but we have come up with a process that allows you to unload quickly your unwanted truck, van, or automobile for a price that will make you smile.

Here is the most impressive part of our deal: we do not care what your vehicle looks like. Old and young, beautiful and cosmetically challenged, we have a place in our hearts for your four-wheeled friend and would love the opportunity to purchase it.

How it Works...Quick and Easy

This is the part where you expect us to explain some long, drawn out process for selling your car to us. That could not be farther from the truth, as we have whittled down this whole deal into a few easy steps.


Call us today and tell us all about your vehicle: We will talk about stuff like mileage, make/model, and vehicle year. We will also ask a couple questions that will help us determine the car, truck, or van's overall condition.


We make an offer: You can take some time to think it over or accept it right there on the spot. Whatever you do, rest assured that there will never be any kind of pushy sales tactics or pressure.


We buy it: If you like the price and give us the go ahead, we will get the ball moving immediately and most often will have the money in your hands and the vehicle off yours the same day. If you are not located in Burbank or near Burbank we may be unable to purchase your car. Please give us a call and let us know exactly where you are at and we'll let you know whether we can service you. If you're very far away, like in Seattle look for a local cash for cars service in your area.

So what is the Catch?

No catch. No sleight of hand. Honest.At worst, after calling us and deciding not to accept our offer, you will have some idea as to what your car is worth.Then you can move on without us (tear) and start digging out decade old fast food from your floor boards.

At the very least, we will be happy to have helped and hope you keep us in mind the next time around.We believe, in a profound way, in treating people right. Take care of customers like family and make that the center of our business. We know that everything after that just falls into place.

Our Past Customers. Our Biggest Cheerleaders.

I really want to thank you guys for an incredible selling experience. I truly can't stand having to navigate the car dealerships, haggling with a salesman who only see me as a dollar sign. Your entire team was nothing but professional and it felt more like dealing with friends than a company. I will never go back to selling a car myself again. Carissa M.

Short of being able to press a button and have my truck disappear and a pile of money shows up on my doorstep, this has got to be the easiest and most profitable way to sell a car...ever. My time is worth money, and you guys saved me a pile of it. I would never consider going back to the old way of doing this again. Thanks a bunch! Graham B.

Unbelievably quick, professional, and expedient. I was bracing myself for a long winded sales pitch or something but all I got was a super-friendly guy who helped me understand what my Jeep was worth and bought it from me on the spot. Given as the last time I sold my own truck I had to have my number changed, I would say that this is a huge step up from my previous experience. Thanks, everyone. You Rock! Katherine A.